Business Philosophy

• Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and market fruits, juices and nectars with the highest levels of quality and efficiency for the national and international market, offering our employees opportunities of development and stability and assuring the satisfaction of our clients, providers and shareholders.

• Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading and most dependable producer and supplier of fruits, juices and nectars of the highest quality in the national and international markets. We strive to dominate those segments of greater aggregate value by making use of the most advanced technology, promoting the development and the talent of a qualified team that is committed to the organization while supporting the community and the conservation of the environment.

• Our Values

Our values are responsibility, quality, teamwork, productivity, efficiency, development and human welfare with equity, respect, uprightness, perseverance and effective communication.

citricola Consorcio Citrícola del Este CxA, Zona Franca Especial | 2011
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