• Fruits Barceló

Our Citrus are produced by means of a rigorous plagues integrated management program, which permits us since 1989 to eliminate the use of insecticides, providing our clients a product free of contamination supporting the conservation of the environment and offering a better quality of life.

• Nectars Barceló

The nectars Barceló are product of a healthy crop. Juices concentrated that yield 5 times more, since its preparation simple and fast only requires 1 glass of juice plus 4 glasses of water. It is the best choice since it offers more juice for lest cost. Ideals for meetings, birthday, anniversaries, breakfasts, afternoon snacks and all kinds of events by its practical and naturalness. Acquire it in the most nearby supermarket.

• Juices Don Juan

Originating from an optimum care of our sowings and crops we can offer an excellent quality in our concentrated juices. The juices Don Juan besides offering an excellent quality, yields to 6 times more. Upon mixing a glass of juice Don Juan with 5 glasses of water. Thanks to this mixture naturally fresh juice is obtained with little effort and to a smaller price to which other can offer. Acquire them in the most nearby supermarket.



citricola Consorcio Citrícola del Este CxA, Zona Franca Especial | 2011
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